I was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1942. In those early years we could not afford toys that children have today and so, being a rambunctious child, my dad would take me as often as he could to see the monkeys frolicking in a pet shop window down near St. Denis Street. I was fascinated with them and I wanted to watch them for hours on end. I was three years old at the time.

Thus my passion for animals grew combined with a desire for world travel which eventually led to wildlife photography and by 1999, I had visited all seven continents. My first photo series was on Antarctica, a frozen world teeming with wildlife. Seeing thousands of Penguins nesting on shore is an astounding sight! I traveled alone to Borneo and witnessed first hand the steamy rainforest with its leech-infested trails and marveled at the rare Proboscis Monkeys found only there. Visiting Churchill, Manitoba, I watched in wonderment as the Polar Bears visited with us just outside our Tundra Buggy and I explored the Galapagos Islands to see what Darwin was all about. Reaching Wrangel Island in 1996 set a record for us being the first photographers ever to reach Wrangel by sea.

I have been selling my photos and greeting cards since 1994. My photos have appeared in Westways Magazine, the Los Angeles Times and have been shown on the Channel 7 morning news on various occasions. I have shown my cards at "The Gathering," an animal encounter sponsored by former Hollywood Animal Trainer, Ralph Helfer, and it is a pleasure to share my photos with you today.

Whether walking among grizzlies at Brooks Falls or watching the life and death struggles on the African Plains, the world of animal photography has indeed been a journey of enlightenment and a privilege to be part of.

Libby Eglin
Wildlife Photographer

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