Looking for unique animal picture greeting cards to send this holiday season?

The following ORIGINAL WILDLIFE PHOTOS are available for Christmas Greeting Cards. Each photo is mounted on fine quality paper and comes with matching envelopes (click here to see a sample).

Select your twelve greeting cards from a full assortment of nature cards. I've included my favorite shots of Antarctica King Penguins, Polar Bears from the Canadian province of Manitoba (considered to be the "Polar Bear Capital of the World"), an Arctic Fox, and a Panda attired in Christmas formal that I just couldn't resist adding.

Photo by Libby Eglin. All rights reserved.
Arctic Fox
 Photo by Libby Eglin. All rights reserved.
Walking on Water
 Photo by Libby Eglin. All rights reserved.
Dreaming Bear
 Photo by Libby Eglin. All rights reserved.
Penguin Gathering
 Photo by Libby Eglin. All rights reserved.
Old Whaling Boats - Antarctica
 Photo by Libby Eglin. All rights reserved.
Gentoo & Baby
Photo by Libby Eglin. All rights reserved.
Lone Penguin on Blue Ice
Photo by Libby Eglin. All rights reserved.
Formal Xmas
Photo by Libby Eglin. All rights reserved.
Chinstrap with Ice Flow
Tiger in the Snow
Southern Elephant Seal
Follow the Leader
Polar Bear Walk
Up Close
White-Headed Snow Geese
Hugs and Kisses at Christmas!
Under the Mistletoe

Inside message:
"May the spirit of nature bring you peace this holiday season."
You may request blank inside.

How to order:
1. Select the photo(s) you want.
2. Determine quantity for each photo.
3. Click here to open an email window (orders@eglinpix.com). Type your order into the email window and send. Please include a daytime phone number. We will call for credit card information.

*To order your Xmas cards by mail, please send your order, along with a check or money order, before the November 20th delivery date to:
Libby Eglin Wildlife Photos
5501 A Stearns Street
Long Beach, CA 90815.

Minimum Order: 12 cards.
Price per 12: $16.00 (sales tax included). 
Delivery: On or before November 30.
Discounts: Available on larger quantities. Email (click here) for details.
Shipping: Add $2.00 for shipping (U.S. only). Shipping charges will increase on larger orders.

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